International Photoacoustic Standardisation Consortium

IPASC unites researchers, device developers, and government regulators in achieving standardisation of photoacoustic imaging through community-led consensus-finding.

The IPASC Mission

Our mission is to reach consensus on major topics in photoacoustic imaging (PAI) standardization, to improve the quality of preclinical studies and to accelerate efforts in clinical translation. By establishing such standards, we aim to facilitate open access, use, and exchange of data between different groups to enhance reproducibility of research.

Network Grant Funding Call

IPASC would like to stimulate research activity in our 4 new thematic areas. We have received funding from the UK-funder EPSRC to promote exchange of academic researchers to learn new skills, build new collaborations or gather preliminary data to support future grant applications in IPASC priority areas.

Researchers may travel from the UK to a lab overseas, or from an overseas lab to the UK, to complete an activity in an IPASC thematic area. Researchers may apply for a grant of up to £3000 to support travel and accommodation costs for the research visit. Consumables costs are not supported.
Applications require a short statement of intent and timeframe (500 words) along with a CV from the applicant, and a letter of support from both your current supervisor and your proposed host. The applications will be reviewed by the IPASC leadership team.

Please complete this form if you wish to apply for this funding.


Clinical Adoption

To promote adoption of PAI in the clinic, the PAI community needs to become more outward-facing and more comprehensively consider the needs of the clinical community. The Clinical Adoption theme promotes activites to engage the broader clinical community co-creation to maximise the future patient benefit from PAI.

Test Objects & Methods

To aid reproducibility of research and instrument quality assurance / control, IPASC is working to establish consensus on ideal optical and acoustic phantom properties and geometries. Based on these consensus guidelines, agreed phantom materials and test methods will be refined and disseminated to the community.

Standards Development

The PAI community remains at a relatively early stage of standards development. The activities undertaken in this theme aim to define potential device applications and design requirements for standardisation, along with critical image quality characteristics and quantitative imaging biomarkers. Our trajectory is towards direct interface with, and later adoption into, existing standards organisations.

Data Management

The data management theme have defined a standard data format and are currently working towards a sustainable database for high-quality annotated open-access photoacoustic measurements for education, training and methodological validation.

Get involved

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IPASC Photoacoustic Imaging Phantom Workshop

We are delighted to announce the IPASC Photoacoustic Imaging Phantom Workshop which will be taking place in Dundee from 25-28th June 2024.

We are aiming to bring together PhD students and researchers from both academia and industry, to offer individuals the opportunities to learn about photoacoustic imaging phantoms and gain hands-on experience in the fabrication of imaging phantoms.

Schedule for the workshop can be found below
1st International Workshop on Photoacoustic Phantoms- Schedule